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North Ridge High School Project

Since September 2009 we have been working closely with this school in North Manchester.

We help to develop and run Road Safety and Travel Training programmes for their students.

Students first complete the 'Step Outside' Road Safety programme. This is a DVD/Web based resource which is commissioned by Manchester Road Safety Team.

The course lasts for 6 weeks, and is mainly classroom based, with the 6th week involving a practical road safety walk.

After completing the 'Step Outside' programme students are then able to complete a 6 week 'Introduction to Travel Training Programme.'

This covers a wider range of skills, including Personal Safety, Journey Planning, and Preparation and Organisation.

At the end of the programme students’ skills are assessed and they are then considered for travel training to and from school.

One advantage of working this way is that the profile of travel training is raised among students and their parents.