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Travel Training - The Process

What is involved in Travel Training? Here you will find a quick guide to the process.

Stage 1 - Assessment

This stage is about the student and trainer getting to know each other. Amongst other things it may include:

  • The trainer visiting the student’s house
  • Doing some theory work together
  • Conducting a road safety walk
  • Discussing possible routes and preferences
Stage 2 - The Main Task

During this stage the bulk of the training occurs. The trainer and student will work together until the student learns all the various skills that they need to know, including:

  • Learning the route
  • Road safety
  • Personal safety
  • Time keeping
Stage 3 - Observing Progress

During this stage the trainer will monitor the student’s progress, giving them the chance to practice travelling independently. This will involve:

  • Meeting at agreed points
  • Keeping in touch by phone
  • Feeding back to student and carer

What Next???
Road Test
Once the trainer believes a student has been fully trained they are observed again on their full journey by a Senior Travel Trainer. This report is sent to all parties and the student will then be independent on their route to school.
Follow Up and Review
And it does not all end just like that. We keep in touch with students and their families for many months, even years after they have been trained. This ensures that any problems can be identified and resolved. We may also invite students to attend a social event or help them learn another route, such as to college, work experience, or a friend’s house.