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Manchester Travel Training Partnership (MTTP)

Where it all began

Before the MTTP was established, money became available from the Learning Skills Council (LSC) to set up innovative projects linked to young people with disabilities and centring around transport and independence. Manchester funded several schemes such as the one at the Independence Development Service (IDS). Here a travel trainer was employed to do the one-to-one work with students that travel training requires. Many students learned successfully to get around on public transport in their own area and it proved a key aspect of them gaining more independence.

A scheme with college students was set up at Loreto College and another for visually impaired students working out of Trinity High School.

A working group consisting of those involved in travel training was set up and it was decided, after much discussion, to pool the resources, as much as possible and set up one central service. This coincided with a review of special needs transport, where it was evident that a wider spectrum of alternatives was needed to transport students with disabilities to their place of education.

In January 2008, following interviews for staff, the Manchester Travel Training Partnership (MTTP) was set up. It had one co-ordinator and had five trainers and was to come under the umbrella of Lancasterian school, who also manage the IDS. It was to have strong links with the Transport Co-ordination Unit (TCU) and be part of the broadening solutions to transport issues which they offered.

Thus Manchester’s first city wide travel training centre was launched.